Tuesday, 27 January 2015

If God Calls You - You Can Do It.

Two blogs in a day! Wow!

But this is the blog I actually intended to write today. It fits with the previous one…. sort of.

This one comes out of a Facebook update I wrote, and the many comments I received after posting it. You can see it here.

The actual update read: 
“A lady at church said because of my disability, I should retire & stop running around the country... 
#SillyLady #Only49 #FitForWork #LoveMyJob #VeryCrossKay

Let me expand a little: This was the second time the comment had been made. It was made to my mum, and the full comment started with words to the effect of “It’s ridiculous that she…..”

One of my friends on Facebook was very gracious in saying maybe the lady concerned had my best interests at heart.

That’s possible - but quite unlikely.

I don’t often make comments like this public just because I get so many (although rarely from my lovely church family), but my reason for doing so this time was to try and stop others who have heard this agreeing with it. My Facebook friends helped me with this - and made me laugh a lot in the process!

But the thought behind this comment disturbs me on many levels.

The first is practical - the fact that I can’t retire yet, and would be deemed fit to work (which I am), and therefore have to live on benefits meant for disabled people who can’t find work. Not a good plan.

The next is - I love my job, and without being big headed, I think I do it well! Why should I retire?

Thanks to some of the help available to me as a disabled person, I can get to my job, do my job, and love my job. The only downside is when society and buildings make things harder than they should be - and that’s not my fault. Why should I give up because some of the world (Especially London) is not accessible to me?

But there is another reason I’m disturbed - for the sake of the children I serve.

I don’t want the children I serve to think they can’t follow their calling because someone says a disability means they shouldn’t.

I want to be a positive role model showing children that if God calls you to do something - you can do it, regardless of ability. 

Nuff said!

Remembering the Holocaust

As people around the world remember the holocaust, we have been shocked at newly released film footage from the concentration camps.

The documentaries showing this footage spoke a little of how those with disabilities were also targeted - either killed instantly in their euthanasia programmes, or experimented on in grotesque ways.

They were killed because they were deemed to be "damaging to the common good" by the Nazi party.

This is something I never learned in school. I learned that Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals were targeted, but not those with disabilities.

The first to be targeted were apparently children - taken from special schools, their parents lied to about where they were going.

I was horrified to hear the actual figures - over 250,000 people killed, just because of their disability! I know it’s a small percentage in the overall scheme of things, but still - 250,000 people!

It is right that we now have the Genocide Convention. We have laws to protect people groups from genocide and persecution. Never again do we want to see another holocaust, so we need to see, to remember, to never forget.

But from what I can see on the internet, and please correct me if I’m wrong, those with disabilities are not covered by any of these laws or conventions.

If this government decided tomorrow that I was a drain on society and the benefits system, and therefore should be subject to a euthanasia order - I have nothing to protect me.
Ok, so the euthanasia bit wouldn’t happen here, but for my disabled friends in other countries it could, and it appears there is no protection in law for them.

That’s scary.

There are people out there that have a very low view of those with disabilities. Hate crime against ‘the disabled’ is on the increase, even in this country.

As you remember the holocaust, and the attempted genocides since, spare a thought for a people group who remain unprotected: Those with disabilities.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Empowering or Humiliating?

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m normally a happy, placid and contented person. It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers!

But over the last couple of days I have managed to get my feathers ruffled…. a lot. 

And what has caused this amazing ruffling of feathers?

A holiday booking. (And if you read on... a worship event too)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Last week I read Sheridan Voysey's book 'Ressurection Year'.

I wanted to read it for a couple of reasons:

Monday, 18 August 2014

Returning to Blogging.... In One Place

It's been a while since the last post hasn't it?!
Life has been rather chaotic with lots of different writing projects, conferences, assemblies, camps and Children Worldwide stuff. Sadly, when life gets so busy, the first thing that has to go is the blogging!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Amazing Stories About Some Amazing Young People

I’ve been thinking through what I’m going to say at the new “Neos” conference - a conference designed to "Equip all for family, youth + children's ministry". 

Aside from some sessions in the Additional Needs Alliance stream, I’ve been asked to do a 7 minute “Quick Insight” on additional needs.

What can I say in 7 minutes? 

What I want to do is to be positive!

Then I felt a blog post ‘coming on’. It wrote itself whilst I was in the bath…..! (I do some of my best thinking whilst in the bath!)

Friday, 2 May 2014

Choosing Speakers - Regardless.....

There’s loads of tweets and posts out there on conferences only having white male keynote speakers.

Do I support this campaign? Absolutely I do! 
I am blessed to know many gifted female speakers and speakers of a different ethnicity, and I am happily cheering them on from the sidelines. The conferences who don’t use them are missing out on a huge blessing.